Feb 15, 2011

Learn Programming With Etsy

Learn Programming With Etsy: "

Update: due to the amazing response from the Etsy community (over 700 signups!) we've accepted the first 200 students now, and are putting the rest of the signups on a wait list for a future session of this course. Thanks, everyone!

Have you ever wondered how all those Etsy Apps get built? Have you ever wished for your own, custom Etsy Mini, so you can display your listings on your website or blog in exactly the way you want? Have you yearned for the programming skills to make websites that do as you please? Here's your chance to get your start in web programming using the Etsy API.

Intrigued? You should be! Join our free four-week class on basic web programming on Codelesson.com. The class begins February 14, 2011. It's helpful if you've dabbled a little in HTML or JavaScript before, but no experience is necessary. We'll start at the absolute basics (showing you how to lay out a web page and control the fonts, colors and spacing), move into some simple programming tasks, and start doing some cool things with the Etsy API. At the end of the class, you'll be able to:

  • Display your Etsy listings on your own site
  • Search for listings all over Etsy by keyword and price, or search only in your shop
  • Add cool animation effects to your web pages

Final project made by Nicola Johnson, a student in our class

The course runs for four weeks, with one lesson each week. Lessons are posted on Monday, allowing students to read the material and do the homework on their own schedule. There's an online forum where you can post questions for the instructor (me!) or get help from your fellow students. There's only one homework assignment per week, and it's quick and to the point. If you have one night free per week, you can learn to program with Etsy.

The course is offered completely free of charge, and anyone can register. Simply visit our page on Codelesson.com and click on the orange Add Course button. You can sign in with your Facebook account, or you can create an account at Codelesson.com. Make sure your email address is up to date, because that's how we'll be keeping in touch with you during the course.

We just finished a first run of this course with a few Etsy Admin as students. It was great fun to help people learn a new skill. It's also a great way for us, the Etsy engineers, to spread our gospel of 'code as craft' to the Etsy community. I hope to see you all in class next week!

Click here to enroll in 'A Gentle Introduction to the Etsy API' at Codelesson.com.

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Aug 5, 2010

License Plate FAIL

License Plate FAIL: "

epic fail photo - License Plate FAIL

Perfect. Now manic grinning has taken over my face - it is just too much for me to handle after this wacked out week! ^_^ This definitely beats out the chick I saw in southern MD (where else?) on Saturday with the "HAI-HO" vanity plate. In fact, this is on par with or maybe even better than the plates of my favorite hometown traffic-jam hero that read: "I H8 495". Swoon.

Source: FAIL Blog


May 12, 2010

A Letter To The Internets

Dear Internets,
Below, in the quoted text, I have edited the final version of your newsletter to show what appears to be your wave of thinking of late. Please correct me if I happened to miss anything that must be touched upon.
"Hello friendly users!
Not only do you share all your personal info and online activity with your contacts, absolute strangers and all the people you normally try to avoid in real life, but we're now making the privacy options and settings so complex that a) you'll just end up creating a loophole so all your hidden stuff can actually be viewable by unwanted associates/stalkers or b) you finally just give up, letting the entire world in on your nerd-tastic and embarrassing life minute-by-minute." 
Hope I didn't forget anything!

P.S. This has become very old and is turning me into a some sort of borderline paranoid freak! And since when is my email account a social networking platform?!??

Apr 7, 2010

Матрешки | Matroyshkas

Матрешки | Matroyshkas, originally uploaded by anny❤dub.
I bought these two waaay back in '05. The colorful devochka is from Yaroslavl (I paid only 350 rubles for her at the market and the craftsmanship is superb. Plus, there's like 15 more inside her - it's crazy. 350 rubles and hand made. The other was bought on a weekend trip some of us took to Vladimir - the *original* Russian capital.
Taken w/ my less-than-remarkable (much less!) mobile phone camera :))


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