May 12, 2010

A Letter To The Internets

Dear Internets,
Below, in the quoted text, I have edited the final version of your newsletter to show what appears to be your wave of thinking of late. Please correct me if I happened to miss anything that must be touched upon.
"Hello friendly users!
Not only do you share all your personal info and online activity with your contacts, absolute strangers and all the people you normally try to avoid in real life, but we're now making the privacy options and settings so complex that a) you'll just end up creating a loophole so all your hidden stuff can actually be viewable by unwanted associates/stalkers or b) you finally just give up, letting the entire world in on your nerd-tastic and embarrassing life minute-by-minute." 
Hope I didn't forget anything!

P.S. This has become very old and is turning me into a some sort of borderline paranoid freak! And since when is my email account a social networking platform?!??

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